Lockdown & Beyond: Delightful moment for Bingley Teen Spa and Pamper venue

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Bingley-based Delightful Divas took home New Business of the Year back at our last award show in 2019. 

The business, which Janet Hunter and Rebecca Doyle started, is a dedicated spa and pamper party venue for tiny tots to teenagers. 

The idea originated after one of the owners was inundated with requests for child and teen birthdays while she worked as a spa manager and created a purpose-built venue to cater for demand. 

Speaking about their win, Janet said: “It was fantastic! We did not expect to win it knowing the businesses we were up against. We could just not believe it. We felt on top of the world. 

“Since we won the award, we have now placed the award logo on our banner, website, leaflets and our door. I guess it has given us some recognition among businesses in the area and to our customers. It is also great to say we are now an award-winning business.”

Being part of the leisure and hospitality sector, Janet and the Delightful Divas team have admitted the struggles caused by the pandemic.

With strict requirements on numbers and limitations on what experiences they can provide, the business has only reopened its doors back in May.

Delightful Divas Sleepover

However, Janet and Rebecca looked at how they could provide a new flexible offering for clients that could be contactless and also have all the ingredients to provide a fun and uniques experience to their clients in small numbers. 

“We did not know if we would make it past the other side, but thankfully we have,” said Janet.

We have several loyal customers who have stood by us and helped spread the message of our services. We had to be flexible with our offering and find new ways to continue running the business with restrictions. Following the first lift in restrictions, we began offering our sleepover packages and our tent to customers through contactless delivery. 

“When we reopened in May this year, we had to ensure our services were sustainable to open. We are a covid safe business and have to restrict numbers for government guidelines. Large parties were the main part of our business, but we now offer the same experience for smaller numbers. We are also being flexible as some customers and children are still not comfortable due to covid still being around. So we adapt our services to suit what they are ok with.”

Delightful Divas are looking forward to slowly building back up their full-service offering when restrictions on numbers can be lifted.

For more information on Delightful Divas, visit www.delightfuldivas.co.uk

Delightful Divas at awards