Bradford Council

Bradford Council is a public sector organisation which is responsible for a number of services which benefit people living in the Bradford district.

These services include social careeducationhousinghighwaysplanningenvironmental protectionlibrariesstreet cleaningwaste collections and swimming pools.

There are certain services that we have to deliver by law (for example environmental protection) and some that we choose to deliver because they benefit our residents (for example sports centres and swimming pools). We do not deliver all the services ourselves and often commission other organisations to deliver them on our behalf (for example housing).

Bradford Council is a metropolitan council, one of 36 in the country. This term is used to describe a council which serves a large town or city and its surrounding population. The total population of the district the Council serves is approximately 522,500 (2011 Census) and covers an area of approximately 141 square miles. This includes Bradford city centre, the towns of Shipley, Bingley, Keighley and Ilkley and many other communities including Addingham, Baildon, Burley, Cullingworth, Denholme, Eastburn, Eccleshill, Haworth, Menston, Oxenhope, Queensbury, Silsden, Steeton and Thornton.

The services the Council delivers are paid for out of the public purse: through Council tax, business rates and also grants from the Government. We may also attract grants from organisations such as the European Union.